This site is live!


I'm excited to finally have a proper design up and live. Some months ago I finally put up essentially a placeholder site, just to have something up. I wasn't really satisfied with it and it's structure didn't allow for expansion, or even much in the way of modification.

I've heard multiple designers say that their personal pages were the hardest things they've ever worked on. I feel you, oh, I feel you. I'm happy with this design (though talk to me in six months...).

I used Jekyll for my CMS and the styling (and content, of course) are 100% mine. I finally moved beyond the crutch of Foundation's grid and made everything responsive with pure flexbox and two media queries that total maybe ten lines of code. I dabbled in the new CSS Grid but this site really didn't demand it, so I stuck with flexbox.

I hope you like the design. Please feel free to send me comments.